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CROPEL, INDIA'S FIRST INTEGRATED PLANT.We would like to introduce our company, One of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Raw Peanut, Roasted Peanut, Peanut Butter, & Spread from india. We are specialized in suppling Private Label. Our Products is made from finest quality Ingredients and our product conform to the following International Standards.


We have a state of the art manufacturing unit which is equipped whth imported automatic machinery and has the latest technology to serve you the finest quality of product. We have a strong R&D and QA/QC team having inhouse testing lab, and we maintain international standard of hygiene and quality control at each and every stage of production.

Quality Pinnacle

Peanut Selection:

The process begins with carefully selecting high-quality peanuts that are free from defects and impurities. This selection process ensures that only the finest peanuts are used for making peanut butter.

Cleaning and Roasting:

The selected peanuts are then thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, debris, or foreign objects. Next, they undergo a roasting process, which enhances their flavour and aroma while also inactivating certain enzymes that could affect the shelf life of the peanut butter.

Cooling and Blanching:

After roasting, the peanuts are cooled to prevent them from burning and to allow the Flavors to develop further. They are then blanched, a process that involves immersing them in hot water or steam to remove their skins. This step results in a smoother and more consistent texture for the peanut butter.

Grinding and Refining:

The cooled and blanched peanuts are then ground into a smooth paste using specialized mills. This grinding process breaks down the peanuts into fine particles, releasing their natural oils and creating a creamy consistency.

Mixing and Packaging:

The ground peanut butter is then mixed with various ingredients, such as salt, sugar, or other flavourings, to create the desired flavour profile. The final product is then packaged into jars and labelled according to regulatory requirements.

Lab Testing:

Before the peanut butter is shipped to retailers, it undergoes rigorous lab testing to ensure that it meets all safety and quality standards. This testing includes checking for the presence of contaminants, verifying the nutritional content, and evaluating the product's sensory attributes.

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